We support U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis in her fight to ensure that Tom Horton leaves American Airlines with no more than what the bankruptcy law dictates: “no more than 10 times the amount of the mean severance pay given to non-management employees.”

If you agree, please add your comment below in support of Trustee Davis’ fight to ensure that the bankruptcy laws are enforced thus preventing executives from being rewarded for taking money rather than making money.

“The objection filed Friday by the U.S. trustee’s office says bankruptcy law caps such payments, even if they are agreed to in bankruptcy court but not made until the company exits bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy law limits severance payments to executives and aims to make sure companies can repay as much of their debt as possible.
The objection also says previous company filings showed that Horton would get a maximum of $6.4 million if he had left at the end of last year, and raises the question of why he should get so much more money now. American has said in filings that the money for Horton is in recognition of his efforts during the airline’s restructuring and his role in overseeing the merger with US Airways.
The trustee’s objection also says American should be required to explain how its board determined that $20 million was the right amount for Horton, and to say whether independent directors approved of the payment.
The trustee’s office is part of the Justice Department. Its job is to review bankruptcy cases to make sure bankruptcy laws are being enforced.”


  1. Anonymous said:

    If only all companies could go bankrupt, what a great place America would be

  2. Anonymous said:

    He should have all the money in the world, he and his company are so successful

  3. Anonymous said:

    He deserves 100 trillion dollars

  4. Kirsten said:

    Thank you Justice Davis; hopefully you’re able to keep him in check.

  5. bill said:

    He deserves every penny and I hope he collects it on his death bed, after a long and painful ass infection

  6. Cali brown said:

    Tom Horton doesn’t deserve any money. He is a crook

    • He deserves nothing for destroying a good airline.

      • Laurie Andersen said:

        He is a Thief. Horton and people like him should be locked up.

    • todd bradley said:


  7. eric said:

    Didn’t Horton file bankruptcy and then retire. Why does he deserve anything?

    Also, don’t forget if it had not been for PBG—Josh Gotbaum, Horton would have ditched the employee’s pension plans…

    CEO’s and Corporations complaint about being regulated or “any governement rules through common sense regulations.”….. Then they mismanage and run these company’s financially into the ground. Causing them to end up claiming Ch-11.

    In essence asking the gov and American tax payers to help bail them out or excuse the debts……

    Why would a Federal BK Court owe any Corporate CEO who filed bankruptcy and then retired?

  8. Charles Strader said:

    No money for Horton,
    Ms. Davis!

  9. Susan Beecroft said:

    “Ditto” on no more money for Horton.

  10. Jim said:

    Thank You Judge Davis for your support. Mr. Horton deserves only what the law allows and not 1 cent more. The gall of him is unbelievable.He has no shame whatsoever. I pray judge Lane agrees with you. Thank You for caring!

  11. Anonymous said:

    Corporate greed at it’s finest!

  12. Anonymous said:

    No money for Horton.

  13. Anonymous III said:

    Are you kidding me!!! He took away from the employees so he could give himself $20 million!! He deserves NOTHING!!

  14. todd bradley said:


  15. Anonymous said:

    Thank you for fighting this battle. We have suffered and continue to do so because of corporate greed..

  16. Teresa said:

    He froze pensions and took retiree medical benefits away. He should hang his head in shame.

  17. Anonymous said:

    Due to AMR’s social media policy, I am unable to comment anything about this. I.e. there is nothing positive to say about AMR management. Sheer greed!

  18. Cm said:

    I just Ate lunch, opened up my email and read this, then vomited. 20 million. That’s a joke.

  19. Corporate Greed must be stopped and I commend Teresa Hope Davis for trying to fight this ridiculous pay out.

  20. Marisol Ortiz said:

    I dont believe he should walk off with any money.after leaving us with this mess.

  21. Anonymous said:

    I believe he deserves nothing for putting AA in bankruptcy. That was easy. A true CEO would have turned the tables and bought the other airline. That takes talent. No reward for bad behavior or poor performance.

  22. DMP said:

    He would say he deserves it for convincing the three major unions to take sub-standard, concessionary contracts, stripping current employees of their pensions and continuing the fight to strip retired employees of their medical insurance. Wall Street would say “Bravo Mr. Horton, good job!”. I would say you have managed to bring a once great company to it’s knees and become the laughing stock of the entire industry. Shame on you Mr. Horton and shame on the management of every major company that has taken a payout for ravaging the future of the dedicated employees of these companies. The “New” American way? Discusting!

  23. jtp said:

    I don’t believe he is entitled to “ONE” Dime. To make the employees take the hit in continued concessions and then for Mr. Horton to walk away with millions is ethically wrong. He did not take us or see us through this. He did it for the golden parachute – which I hope has holes in it. Hit bottom Mr. Horton – like those of us on the battle field have had to do. We have lost homes, families, and the quality of life that once was ours with our work groups and our airline being severely and possibly damaged beyond repair. NO is my answer

  24. Anonymous said:

    He deserves nothing. I just pray there is carma

  25. t lilly said:

    He doesn’t deserve a penny! If aa employees were as dishonest w management as they have been to employees they would be fired

  26. anonymous said:

    Corporate greed in America is disgusting. Horton deserves nothing. Employees have taken pay cuts, lost sick time and vacation acrual. We sacrifice only to have the company declare bankruptcy when money was in b the bank. I thought bankruptcy was when you had nothing! Trying to take away pensions. It’s criminal. How can Horton even live with himself knowing how badly he has treated his employees??

  27. Diane Conrad said:

    I agree with Tracy Hope. It is unfair for employee’s to take pay concessions and CEO’s walk away with millions.

  28. Anonymous said:

    Thank you Tracy Davis for your support. The worker bees have taken to many concessions and lost our pensions. This is corporate greed at its highest level.

  29. Karen korf said:

    The greed is sickening! No way does he deserve this!

  30. Anonymous said:

    No CEO deserves any bonus for taking a company into Bankruptcy. When a company goes in to BK that means someone was not able to make a profit and BK was the only way to keep the company going or to close the doors. CEO’s deserve bonuses when they actually manage a company into a profit, not running a company into the ground and raping the employees. Horton is not the only one leaving AA that should not be receiving a bonus for leaving.

  31. julie daly said:

    The employees should divide the $20 million. We have struggled long enough.

  32. Gary said:

    Why should he be rewarded for running American into the ground! Our last 10 years of management have just destroyed an airline that was once one of the best, today we are one of the worst! Thank you Ms Hope-Davis.

  33. Ryan Muller said:

    We owe you nothing Tom! Your severance is equal to 1/2 half the total concessions of the Eagle pilot group. How about you take 230k that’s 10x what a first year FO makes. You need us more than we will ever need you.

  34. Valerie Price said:

    There is a reason laws were written, to avoid abuse. This looks like Mr Horton wishes to take advantage of the situation. Let us hope that America is now aware of the abuses of the bankruptcy laws.

  35. Anonymous said:

    Thank you Tracy Hope for fighting for justice. Corporate greed is out of control.

    • TJ Larsen said:

      Stop corporate greed!

  36. W.Jones said:

    I don’t know how AA can screw it’s employees any more. Tom Horton is the one who drove the company into bankrupcy and now wants $20 million. It’s ludacris.

  37. Anonymous said:

    it’s sad that he and many others like him are allowed to rape the employees to bring a company out of trouble and then walk out a rich man.

  38. James Dean said:

    I support Trustee Davis. What a tragedy this affair has become…can any Judge defy the law? I thought Judges were sworn to uphold the law.

  39. sean bond said:

    The venal actions of AA management as they destroyed a once proud brand, and corporate America’s destruction of the middle class will not end well.

  40. Anonymous said:

    some day maybe we the 99% will wake-up?

  41. Laurie Andersen said:

    This makes me literally physically sick. I can only hope at least some of us are here to see the karma one day. I hear Tom DeValle ‘somehow’ got shot ???!!! hmmmmmm……………

    • Anonymous said:

      Due to AMR’s social media policy, I am unable to comment anything about this. I.e. there is nothing positive to say about AMR management. Sheer greed!

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