We support U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis in her fight to ensure that Tom Horton leaves American Airlines with no more than what the bankruptcy law dictates: “no more than 10 times the amount of the mean severance pay given to non-management employees.”

If you agree, please add your comment below in support of Trustee Davis’ fight to ensure that the bankruptcy laws are enforced thus preventing executives from being rewarded for taking money rather than making money.

“The objection filed Friday by the U.S. trustee’s office says bankruptcy law caps such payments, even if they are agreed to in bankruptcy court but not made until the company exits bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy law limits severance payments to executives and aims to make sure companies can repay as much of their debt as possible.
The objection also says previous company filings showed that Horton would get a maximum of $6.4 million if he had left at the end of last year, and raises the question of why he should get so much more money now. American has said in filings that the money for Horton is in recognition of his efforts during the airline’s restructuring and his role in overseeing the merger with US Airways.
The trustee’s objection also says American should be required to explain how its board determined that $20 million was the right amount for Horton, and to say whether independent directors approved of the payment.
The trustee’s office is part of the Justice Department. Its job is to review bankruptcy cases to make sure bankruptcy laws are being enforced.”


  1. Anonymous said:

    I would like to kick Tom Horton squarely between the his legs

  2. Lenny DePalma said:

    This compensation package is an abomination beyond repute. How many careers is Mr. Horton taking out the door with him?

  3. Minnery said:

    He wants to be rewarded for ruining our company? I retired from AA almost 8 years ago and now have to worry about whether or not they are going to take away the medical coverage that I paid for while working there for over 35 years. Giving him any payout is a slap in the face to all workers at AA!!!

    • Tom WHORETON deserves 20 millimeters of rope tied to a tree.

  4. Mad dog mechanic said:

    A/A would prostitute there wife if they thought they could make a buck. This is typical of all corporations today & the unions arn’t far behind. In the 60s if your union presadent told you to vote to give your pension away he would have been “Shot”!!!..I just hope its not toooooooooo late when we A/Americians wake-up? & HELL NO he doesn’t deserve the 20 mill, if anything he should be sued & loose everything he has for taking/letting the company go into bank rup.

  5. Russ said:

    Mr. Parker and Judge Lane should not allow Tom Horton to leave with a penny. Why should he be rewarded for a failed company. Morale is at an all time low, this is just another low blow.

    • Pam E said:

      Horton helped run our company into the ground he deserves a Pink Slip that’s it show him the door. 20 million is ridiculous. How could the judge even entertain such a sum?!! Hell NO He’s Gotta GO!

  6. Anonymous said:

    can’t Negotiate the contract you want
    go into BK and get a judge to give it to you!
    This says it all:
    “This bankruptcy is quite unusual in that all creditors, both secured and unsecured, are slated to be paid in full or 100 cents on the dollar.”
    paid by busting the contracts and stealing the pensions
    and again
    and again
    its in the Airline management play book

  7. Anonymous said:

    Tom Horton deserves NOTHING!!!! He should be out the door without a penny!! This is another example of corporate greed at its worst!!

    • The Judge hearing this case must be a REPUBLICAN in the top 2%.

  8. Pat said:

    This is pure Corporate greed at it’s finest! The jerk helped steer the company into bankruptcy for years before they filed. $20million is not deserved. It’s just like the huge bonuses executives got while the company was loosing money hand over fist. He should receive no more than the 2005 law allows!

  9. Pamela Barnes said:

    I completely object to Horton getting anything more than I would if I left the company. That’s right, ZIP!!!

  10. Jeff Weller said:

    I applaud trustee Davis for efforts to foil corporate Americas plans to loot the hard working American workers of there wages , benefits and changing work rules to Benefit their greed. Even if corporate looters do a terrible job and bankrupt a company they escape with huge bonuses and benefits from a company they tore to shreds. How is that aloud to take place. I support Trustee Davis for her efforts to limit corporate greed in this great country. I pray for more laws and limits to be implemented to Stop the looting of the American work force. Thank You !!!
    Jeff Weller American Airlines aircraft mechanic.

  11. Anonymous said:

    Fuck American Airlines too, just don’t travel with them

    • Lisa said:

      you are an idiot

  12. Anonymous said:

    Fuck Tom horton

  13. Dave said:

    One year severence pay is more than Mr. Horton deverses………just saying

    • Chuck Labrador said:

      he deserves nothing. He left AA for AT&T for 6 years. he demanded that
      AA give him his 6 years of pension accrual to come back to AA.
      THEN he screws all the employees out of their pensions..
      the man is an evil hypocrite.

  14. Rusty said:

    Top executives, sitting on boards across the country in what could be called executive board gang members. A collection of board members stealing for each other. It’s a good ole boy system. Problem is, they have fiduciary responsibilities to share holders and these are publicly traded companies. Therefore, they should have a public responsibility of keeping a public trust of reasonable compensation to themselves. Paying each other and expecting pay from each other, in a greed for all(on the board), is all about the destruction of America. At the same time they spew anti union propaganda (at the peon level anyway). Union members are trying to mitigate the havoc they are causing, to not so much avail. Japanese executives would probably have to kill themselves just for thinking about it. I stand with U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis.

  15. Anonymous said:

    I am not a member of the airline community, but greed at the very top is what put America’s number one airline where it is today, and cost employees acceptable wages. Greed, greed, greed, is the basis of Horton’s claim, and shame on any American who thinks a leader that creates bankruptcy is deserving of any bonus.

    • thormjh said:

      What made AA #1 was not corporate greed, they use to have a small management staff and a medium size work force. We were all dedicated to doing the job We were and still are AA if you want 20 millions you need to earn it and those who think we are crying just remember this what happens to one work group in America it will happen to others. This is not only AA employees fight this is everyone who has a job fight, so when your turn comes we will see who will be boo hooing then

      • It’s TOM WHORETON not HORTON!!!!!! Another Primma-Donna from A.A. (Aloholics Annonymas) just 12 steps.

  16. Buzz said:

    This is little more than legalized plunder. Why would a corporation award ineptitude like his with more than fifty bucks ?? Because he hopes it will take place quickly and as quietly as possible and when the smoke clears, he’s GONE. Just like our health care benefits, GONE. Just like the five bucks an hour I gave back, GONE. Just like the once proud Airline that was American, GONE Just like the morality that used to be corporate America, GONE This selfish S.O.B. deserves NOTHING !!!!!

  17. april said:

    Relax, didn’t really “cost” 20 million. He just used the extra money that was laying around from all of our pay cuts,…holiday cuts, and dozens of other give backs for the past 18 years.
    For the 30 years I worked there,..the company cried poor CONSTANTLY. But what big spenders they have become!

  18. Anonymous said:

    I support Trustee Davis, keep fighting for what is morally and lawfully right. Tom Horton deserves nothing for running AA into bankruptcy. Especially after all the sacrificies the employees have made while th excecutive continued to reap rewards.

  19. Tom WHORETON deserves a rope at the end of a tree!!!!!

  20. Lisa said:

    I’m glad my paycut went to something productive…. NOT.. to me, this feels like stealing… can’t charges be pressed against thiefs? Just curious.

  21. Anonymous said:

    As an employee (and a not so knowledge as most) wonder if we can hire an attorney and sue or press charges for stealing? Just thinking out loud. As an employee whos paycheck is about $700.00 less a month, I feel like I have been lied to and stolen from. Just curious if anyone else feels the same…

  22. Anonymous said:

    I’m disgusted to hear what ToHo is getting … And even more disgusted that the BK judge didn’t block it! We all might as well just go to work “bent over” all the time, knowing that AA is going to stick it to us every chance they get!!!! For the life of me …. How in the hell do any of these AA corporate execs & the Board members ever sleep at night?!? Trust me … Some day we’ll hear how they all died of cancer or some other tragic death. Karma always makes it way around the universe.

    • Anonymous said:

      That comment was from me, Deb Jones, IDF Purser, 39+ yrs. Sorry … Just didn’t know how to identify myself, but wanted everyone to know who wrote it

    • Chuck Labrador said:

      they sleep well at night , because they have no morals, no conscience. Whoreton is a true sociopath. I do hope his demise will be a long and painful one.

  23. april said:

    Relax, didn’t cost him anything. He used the money that was left over from the employees lack of holiday pay, raises for the past 20 years, and pay cuts.

  24. Anonymous said:

    Tom Horton is young enough to go out and get an honest job and work for a living. We retirees, in our 70`s and 80`s have no choice. They expect us to quietly accept whatever bone they throw us, while the Executives walk away with all the money and benefits. It`s criminal!

  25. Anonymous said:

    I agree. He helped destroy many lives. He should get very little.

    • AA Retiree said:

      I gave 40 years of hard work to American Airlines and in return I was promised a modest pension to live on and health care insurance to help defray medical costs as I age. I also gave back a large portion of my salary several years ago to keep American Airlines from falling into bankruptcy. Now Tom Horton walks away with $20 million while retired AA employees like myself can’t sleep at night worrying what will happen to our families when our pension money and medical insurance disappear. Mr. Horton’s $20 million should be placed in a fund to help all of the AA employees monetarily hurt by Tom Horton’s running American Airlines into the ground in the first place.

  26. Anonymous said:

    that lane dude is a lame dude.

  27. Anonymous said:

    This is immoral and wrong. DOJ Trustee Tracy Davis was absolutely correct.
    The Federal Bankruptcy Judge basically chose to IGNORE the Bankruptcy Law.
    Perhaps the DOJ needs to appeal Judge Lane’s decision to the Circuit Court of Appeals ?
    CRIMINAL !!!

  28. Anonymous said:

    I bet luara and her group of spinless supporter thinks he does.
    I say he should get a kick where the sun dont shine!!!!! along with the union leaders

    • Anonymous said:

      APFA ,TWU ,APA
      A BUNCH OF SELL OUTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. claudia said:

    TH Deserves nothing but the door….

  30. Keisha Hodge said:

    Tom Horton does not deserve 20 million

  31. Matt Herum said:

    Horton does not deserve this massive payout while employees are left to bite the bullet. Classic example of corporate greed. An airline that has lost money consistently for several years can not in right mind pay the CEO $20 million, while forcing pay-cuts to other employees. Its just not right on any level. As defined by Tracy Hope Davis its also ILLEGAL, I hope this wrong can be righted.

    • So, does that mean he is “above the law” or the “law” does not apply to him?

  32. Donna Heron said:

    Common sense and decency decries a $20 million bonus/severance/payout to anyone in a bankruptcy. Greed and power are a lethal combination which has lead out whole economy and industry to such a critical condition in which so many pay, lose, and give up. The cost of these decisions and rewards is beyond comprehension, as is this proposal and approval. No!

  33. William said:


  34. It is a crime that Horton is leaving with $20m….. It MUST be stoped!!

  35. I am in agreement with US Trustee Tracy Davis Hope, and also support my colleague Rock Salomon, for getting the information out to the public about this.

  36. Anonymous said:

    I support US Trustee Tracy Hope Davis in speaking out against this pension package, and I also suppport my colleague Rock Salomon for getting the information out to the public.

  37. l. said:

    His artificially inflated pension of 4.5 milli (yrs of service were contrived to increase his payout) is way more than what employees are getting in their stripped pensions and termination of retiree medical benefit. 4.5 million is payment enough for a job poorly done.

  38. Tom Kovach said:

    He’s a thief!!! And deserves $0.00. He stole from his employees and is rewarded for it!!! What a absolute joke. He’ll receive his in the end! With the rest of corrupt CEOs in this country.

  39. Anonymous said:

    He should leave with as much money I did when I was laid off on march 31, when AME closed American Eagle SJU BASE , after 21 years of service , NOTHING, not even a thank you note for all the years working with us. That’s wht he should get.

  40. Curt Owens said:

    Why should Tom Horton be awarded 20 million when front line employees have made numerous concessions to keep American Airlines in business?! This man is a THIEF!

  41. Anonymous said:

    AA still had FIVE BILLION DOLLARS of unrestricted cash reserves on hand when they entered BK! Horton entered BK so he could screw employees, suppliers, lessors, vendors, et all, and put 20 MILLION DOLLARS IN HIS POCKET. The pilots of AA tried to stop this by endorsing a merger with US Airways (through a contract vote) and approaching US Airways CEO with a proposal that they would endorse a merger. This is proof that the same old buddy club still exists in the airline business! Parker must have endorsed it and Lane went with it. The new American Airlines ( in name only, bought and run by USAirways) will be no different. This plants a seed for distrust of new management before the merger even starts! Hey Parker, way to F…up a great opportunity to build a great airline, support your peer and piss off your new 80,000 employees! Anyone on the BOD that voted for this should be replaced. It’s the only way to stop it!

    The $20mil belongs to all the other creditors! Horton should get nothing because the money belongs to others AND
    it sends a clear message to the business world that , just fail and you can be awarded beyond your wildest dreams! THIS CRAP IS THE REALITY BEHIND OCCUPY WALL STREET! Too bad the press helped that movement fail by covering the violence, drugs, illegal activities, etc. of the protestors instead of what the message was really about!

  42. James P. said:

    Trustee Davis….you are to be commended for your objection to the severance package of Tom Horton. This man has raped and pillaged a company in the name of corporate greed. It was the employees of American Airlines who will have to pay the price of his arrogance and incompetent leadership. His compensation package should be $1.00. He should be led off-company property in handcuffs with a coat hiding his shame full face! Twenty million for assisting in the destruction of A.A. ? This man deserves criminal prosecution! How much longer must workers wait for justice? Theft should never be rewarded! Trustee Davis , do the “right thing” fight this economic train wreck being perpetrated by this individual . He is worthy of nothing more .

  43. Geoff said:

    This crap has got to stop! The workers are what keep companies afloat and they’re getting screwed by the higher ups. I say give him what the law allows and nothing more, along with some frickin’ coal.

  44. Captain Scrotum said:

    Corporate Raiders… Deserve to walk the plank…

  45. Pilot Phillip said:

    L & G this is another example of what chumps we are made out to be in this country of laws for some but not ALL

  46. LK Overfelt said:

    He should be escorted out with NOTHING!

  47. LK Overfelt said:

    He should be escorted out of AA with NOTHING!

  48. M aguilar said:

    And to trustee davis you are a shining example of someone doing there job and have my support and to the comment on mr arpy I have no illusions about him but he was told to get onboard with the bankrupsy horton was wanting to do or step down so he steped down I can respect that and to what judge lane has issued im surprized but only at first but I imagine with enuff money and or influence you can bend anyone too your will which american managment is well versed in that being said im sure that isnt the case in the honorable judges case but it does raise my eyebrowe and if I was in the justic department I would be wondering it does seem to be a illigal law breacking decision ok,ed by a judge of all things right in line with what management wanted

  49. M aguilar said:

    I see no need to reward tom horton for failing as a man and a leader at the helm of american airlines any man with any dignity would not be smiling and taking a payout for a poorly done job unless it was his intent from the begining .he is more like the captain of a ship that headed for the rocks to dispose of the crew and sink the ship to collect on the insurance money for the company that owed the ship and make bonus for being a figtishish hero , and this is who he is to me

  50. Thomas P. Aurilio said:

    He deserves the same misery he has bestowed on all the unionized employees. Judge Lane deserves jail. He is not above the law. Thank you Tracy Hope Davis for sticking up for us little people.

  51. Zora Halvorson said:

    I agree with Rock. You should work for your money, not given to him as a parting gift. How did he help the company?

  52. Roxanne Scheidt said:

    He deserves nothing but to stand in the unemployment line! To reward him for having a hand in the incompetence that caused the bankruptcy to begin with, is criminal!

  53. Averyl said:

    So Tom Horton did not run the airline into bankruptcy, it was gerard arpey who did that and then left it to Tom Horton who then managed bankruptcy proceedings for 2 years and now gets 20million!!!! he basically gets brought in to clean up and gets 20 mil, why would he ever have any incentive to do right by the people who work hard everyday at the company.
    i support Davis.

  54. APA Pilot Mike said:

    Keep fighting this fight, Trustee Davis. The employees of American Airlines support you and the bankruptcy laws. Horton stripped this airline down to the bottom for employees and customers. He may have stolen our money, destroyed our quality of life, and damaged our morale, but the employees of American Airlines are still willing to fight for what is right!

  55. Sterling said:

    Unconscionable, immoral, unethical, and plain wrong.

  56. Carol Roddy said:

    His severance is obscene and immoral. He should have been unceremoniously booted. There may be a special place in Hell for those who bankrupt companies at worker expense for their own financial gain. If there isn’t, there should be.

  57. Thomas Cleland said:

    Hey, wait, maybe the rest of us are going to get 2 million.

  58. Anonymous said:

    Thief, crook, unscrupulous, unethical, immoral, sub-human. Just a few ways to describe such an individual.

  59. Mauna Doppes said:

    bankruptcy law dictates: “no more than 10 times the amount of the mean severance pay given to non-management employees.” The law is the law. He doesn’t deserve 20 million.

  60. A Retired AA F/A barely makign ends meet said:

    Horton must have promised the Judge a share of his reward under the table. This smells like a scandal in the making!! The investigative reporters need to jump all over this!! Ms. Davis, Thank you.

  61. buh bye TOHO!!!! said:

    Based on the dollar amount of bonuses received by AA employees under TOHO’s reign, and adhering to the strict guidelines of current bankruptcy law, I would say his severance is valued at zero.

  62. Adrienne Scurtu said:

    He needs to leave without any bonus. He destroyed our morale.

  63. Anonymous said:

    Shows that management only cares about themselves and not the employee`s that do all the work ! he should get nothing !!!

  64. AJ said:

    Support Davis

  65. doug s. said:

    Thank you TrusteeDavis , for your valiant efforts to uphold the law. Sadly the justice system is as corrupt as the corporate system.

  66. doug s. said:

    If Horton deserves the 20 million for bankruptcy, then bank robbers ,thieves and criminals deserve whatever they can steal because they did the same thing with dishonesty and intent to harm others.

  67. B North said:

    This is a sad statement of big business and the judicial system in America. The rich get richer and the working class geta poorer. Trying to keep us all down! The worker bees are constantly give back to an airline (AA) goes into bankrupcy with Billions of dollars. False bankrupcy to get out of legal contracts and retiree obligations.

  68. twa0671 said:

    There was a time when bankruptcy was a disgrace. Now corporate executives are awarded multi-million dollar bonuses. Shame on them and our society that accepts this practice. Once again the employees will be damaged for years to come beause of corporate greed.

  69. Anonymous said:

    $40,0000 (before taxes) with no medical??? He seems to believe this is a solid number and a fair solution..he should be shown the same courtesy as that he has bestowed upon others in the labor workforce!!! I support you trustee Davis.

  70. Anonymous said:

    I support Trustee Davis and admonish the Judge to follow the law and apply it to all citizens. Shame on him!!!

  71. M Hoimes said:

    I support trustee Davis

  72. Anonymous said:

    $20 million for running the company into bankruptcy is ridiculous. After running the company into bankruptcy in the first place Tom Horton should feel lucky to get free first class seats for a lifetime.

  73. Feralblue said:

    There has been so much ineptitude at the top of this corporation. I would challenge Horton, and Arpey to name three things that they consider beneficial to AMR during their tenure. Does anyone have any suggestions? Only at the top is failure rewarded……what a system!

  74. Leonora said:

    It is an absolute disgrace that a Judge could approve a 20 million severance package for Tom Horton. What did he
    do to deserve this or any severance at all! All these executives are in the same cult and they all seem to end up with lots of money for their mismanagement and bad decision making. I for one think this is a travesty of justice and wrong, wrong, wrong. But this seems to be the way of Corporate America. The executives get compensated for all they have done to bring a once very successful and respected airline to its knees and the workers get shafted.

  75. terry pendleton said:

    I support the law and Tracy. Mr. Horton did nothing except lead American into bankruptcy because he knew he could screw his employees and at the same time receive a big undeserved pay day. He has been ceo since the day we filed and he thinks he deserves a little more then a million dollars a month for this? (18 months in bk times a million a month is 18 million he’s getting 20). This is the biggest injustice in the world ceo pay even healthcare takes a backseat to this total crap! Do something right for a change lane and uphold the law instead of taking money under the table!

    • Casual Observer said:

      The reason that AA entered bankruptcy is because the pilots were making a run on the cash reserves by taking their retirement in a cash settlement. Pilots were taking retirement in record numbers to get the cash. They were asked to cease the practice, they refused, and AA filed bankruptcy or they would have gone under as their cash reserves were depleted. All that being said the Pilots were not responsible for the poor management decisions made over the years such as the purchase of TWA, etc. AA purchased Reno Air and then abandoned the west coast. At least Arpy had enough class to leave without a severance. The whole mess has been a disaster for suppliers, employees, stockholders, etc. and NO WAY should Horton be awarded $20MM.

  76. Fed up employee of AA said:

    TOHO is a THIEF and JUDGE LANE needs to be behind bars.

  77. Ana Thomas said:

    20 million for what ? Hardship on all AA employees ? Bankrupcy ? This is awful ! He deserves NOTHING !

  78. Anonymous said:

    AA is run by criminals who deserve nothing but a jail cell for the probably unprovable crimes they have commited over the last decades.

  79. L Ramey said:

    Let’s fight the fight!!

  80. DaveM said:

    Thank you for fighting for what’s right Tracy!! Horton deserves nothing but the door!! The ” good ole boys ” network,which is the AA Board of Directors, has to go too. They are an integral part of this airlines demise!!

  81. Julia Delmolino said:

    Where is Eric Holder and why isn’t the Federal Gov’t making sure their bankruptcy laws are followed. Thiefs taking care of their own.

  82. Anonymous said:

    I support Tracey,as a 25 yr. AA employee I have seen the Greed and Mismanagement first hand,these guys at the top deserve Nothing!

  83. Anonymous said:

    I support Trustee Davis. This is criminal!

  84. Totally unethical and immoral and just another example of a bought judicial system. we are fighting to have American honor our retirement agreement for health insurance with many other retires, money we paid in that they are walking away from. Hand him a cardboard box and tape from Uline and get him packing…Horton and the judge. What happened to the scales of justice?

  85. Not a helpful message to anyone. See my post at the link above.

  86. Chris said:

    I worked for american Airlines as a flight attendant for 25 years. The management started looting the company the day Robert Crandall left and haven’t stopped yet. and by the way, they sucked to work for, but I got to go to Paris and Honolulu!

  87. Seth said:

    I would just like to see the Tom Horton article/statement that states: “I deserve a $20 million severance package” . Though I agree that he doesn’t deserve such an outrageous deal, to claim that he said that he deserves the severance package sounds a bit outrageous too. I doubt he would be that stupid to make such a bold statement.

    • doug s. said:

      Horton is a greedy sociopath. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He does everything for money. He also demanded he get his pension accrual from AMR for the years he spent at at&t. I fully believe he thinks he is owed his severance.

  88. Jen said:

    I agree I am appalled at Judge Lanes nod to Horton…not an honest dollar!

  89. Katy Johnson said:


  90. John cowgill said:

    Good bye to bad rubbish.Not only is Hortons severance package illegal how do you reward someone who drove American Airlines into bankruptcy.

    • Anonymous said:

      He wasn’t the CEO when American filed for bankruptcy protection and I suppose the pilot actions had nothing to do with American hemorrhaging money.

      • doug s. said:

        Wrong. Arpey retired because he did not want to file bankruptcy, Horton took over and filed immediately.
        Wrong.. Like it is up to the pilots where AA spends it’s money..I’m sure they were the ones who bought the $30. Million London town house that Horton now uses for his family…check your facts.. AA pilots had the 6th highest pay in the industry.. Not a factor in the losses. Try looking at the multimillion $ annual “incentive”bonuses given to the top 900 senior managers..

      • Anonymous said:

        U R AND IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous said:

          NOT U DOUG S
          THE ANONYMOUS WRITER WHO SAYS ,AND I QUOTE “He wasn’t the CEO when American filed for bankruptcy protection and I suppose the pilot actions had nothing to do with American hemorrhaging money.”

        • Lydia Ecklund said:
  91. 121022 said:

    Airline managment are all liars and thieves.
    They live primairily to screw their workers out of what they deserve.
    It is all empty promises and no action with these guys.
    I know as I have worked for American and Us Airways.

    • Anonymous said:

      Spoken like a true liberal/ socialist. I also suppose you were kidnapped at birth and forced to work in the American Airlines slave labor camps against your will. You poor thing. Boo hoo

      • doug s. said:

        anonymous, if you had the courage of your words you wouldn’t be hiding behind an anonymous are no better than Horton and the rest of the corporate Thieves.

      • Anonymous said:

        and I suppose you are just a plain idiot looking for some attention !!!!!!!!!!!
        by the way this is for anonymous person above !!!

      • Anonymous said:

        and I suppose you are just a plain idiot looking for some attention.
        this is for you anonymous with the boo hoo

  92. Lois craven said:

    I lost my job to outsourcing after 26 years because of this mans management. Words can’t express how wrong giving him 20 million dollars is

  93. Donna Schaffer said:

    It makes me sick to see such greed and imbalance in this company and world!

    • Anonymous said:

      Of course I support US Trustee Davis. How we got here as a nation is beyond me; unsure how we can turn it at this juncture too, 😦 thoughts?

  94. Gareth Waltrip said:

    Tom Horton is a clown and an asshat. He can’t run a profitable airline. I’ve endured pay cut after pay cut. He’s taken clothes off my childrens back and food off our table. Give him the minimum standard. He could then enroll in business school. Perhaps he could take a few “business ethics” courses.

  95. John Shannon said:

    I wonder if that corrupt Judge Lane can be sued for his obviously illegal actions in this case?

    • AA Retiree said:

      Who in the government oversees what takes place in these bankruptcy courts? With all the outrage, someone should be looking very closely into this matter. Action needs to be taken before it’s too late.

  96. An American Taxpayer Paying For Their Mistake said:

    This guy’s lack of action and gross mismanagement is what caused this airline to be out of control and crash and now we’re going to reward this loser just like we do our politicians. Time to stop… wake up and smell the roses people!

    • Anonymous said:

      The $20 million should go back to the employees who gave up approx. 20% in benefits to keep the company afloat. What a slap in the face……

      • Donna Schaffer said:

        I agree!! How to make it happen is my question??

  97. Lydia Ecklund said:

    Bankruptcy laws were not intended to be a business strategy for a financially viable company with billions in assets, and used to rob the working class of their pensions and retiree healthcare.
    Stop rewarding the corruption that has made corporate America no better than organized crime, and its CEO’s white collar criminals.

  98. Anonymous said:

    Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…WITHOUT THE 20 MILLION PLEASE!!!!

  99. Anonymous said:

    20 mil for seeing it through bankruptcy.. How much did the others get for putting it in bankruptcy.

  100. Anonymous said:


  101. Anonymous said:

    In agreement and support of trustee Davis. This is a travesty.

    • Anonymous said:

      Common sense is supported Trustee Davis.

  102. Deborah Bogdan said:

    No one deserves $20,000,000 from a bankrupt company where the employees took such concessions. Hurrah for the trustee!!

    • Anonymous said:

      Bankruptcy Schankruptcy. No one deserves $20,000,000 … PERIOD! Somebody please show me what _anyone_ can do that contributes $20 MILLION worth of value to society and the preservation of mankind.

  103. N Hughes said:

    It is time to stop rewarding the unethical behavior of individuals who run companies. These people have no fiduciary responsibilities or capital investments in the company. A MBA doesn’t mean get your hand in the cookie jar and take what you can. When you take from your employees you shouldn’t be allowed to profit at this rate.

  104. i support TRACY HOPE DAVIS , MR HORTON does not deserve a penny he was CFO and ran AA into the ground with the only intent of destroying the unions , the pensions , and the lifes of good employees .
    The union leaders support it cause there sleeping with the company ……us union members have not got the chance to vote on nothing , was all agreed by the union leaders and not the employees

  105. Debbie Fritz said:

    My question is how much is Horton giving Mr Lane to BREAK THE LAW and give him 20 million!!!!When you break a law,you are punished,NOT rewarded!!!There is more to this story then we are being told,as has been everything w/AA!!!Horton is laughing all the way to the bank when we all have given up soooo much to keep this airline from bankruptcy and now he is given all of our hard earned money by Mr Lane!!!Sooooo wrong and ILLEGAL!!!

  106. Herman Tuinhof de Moed said:

    I am absolutely not in favor of our Union APFA, Company, board of Creditors and Judge Lane’s decision of agreeing in some way of the severance package of Mr. Horton.
    Other people have lost their livelihood, while lawyers, judges, unions and executives enriched themselves by wrongfully and disrespectfully evading the laws and enrich themselves. Once again an example of our immoral society at work… It’s an absolute disgrace and show of what money can buy.
    Once a law professor said when a student ask,”why do some laws not make sense or are so wrong?” On which the professor answered because, “Laws are made by people and most people are immoral in their way of thinking, while thinking they are morally right.” I guess that is how (Honorable) Judge Lane approved. Unions got their money… Do I really have go on to express my disbelief of our system?! The Department of Justice should not give up on us ordinary people, you are our voice when ours have been wrongfully silenced!. Thank you.

  107. Anonymous said:

    So because he throws a hissy fit during the negotiations because he won’t be CEO of the new American, he gets bribed $20 million just to go away after he hangs out an extra year while he gets another job? And besides that it’s also breaking the law and is being ignored just so everyone at the top gets what they want because apparently that doesn’t matter; you’re going to pay someone $20 million for 18 months of service or even say 20 months by the time the deal is closed, that’s $1 million per month. What in God’s name did he do that can justify $1 million every month?!

  108. GMS said:

    It is disgusting the way these corporations operate. Steal money from their employees and then reward themselves with more undeserving bonuses. It’s time this behavior was stopped. He does not deserve this 20 million dollars and I hope someone for once will do the right thing and stand up for the hardworking employees of American Airlines.

  109. Anonymous said:

    Agreed. The law should be followed. What he thinks he deserves is a crime and an insult to all the hardworking underpaid employees.

  110. R leiseth said:

    I am a shareholder, and want the BR Court to follow the law–NO bonus for the management
    at all. they DON’T DESERVE ANYTHING.

  111. Joan campbell said:

    For Tom Horton to get a bonus is a crime against every employee at AA. A total injustice

  112. The Southern District of New York should be investigated ASAP. I worked for AA for 37 years, I have cancer, lost my medical, or it was “modified” to me paying the full premium. That takes 75% of my pension that wasn’t even that much. I gave up pay raises for just such a situation. And supposedly it was legal. Now Horton gets a severance that’s illegal? Judge Lane needs to be removed from his “justice position” ( what a farce ) and investigated as should all the airlines that declared bankruptcy-something is fishy. This is not a democracy anymore it is a plutocracy. And if the government won’t do anything, lets change it. Free Speech AA

  113. Embo said:

    When citizens of this country collectively unite against this type of financial abuse, we will allbe better off-not just the Union members at AA.

  114. Anonymous said:

    Yes, I agree with Tracy Hope Davis. No executive should leave with more than the bankruptcy law allows. It’s should be criminal to do so!

  115. Ben dover said:

    Let me get this straight. There is a law that describes how much someone can take in a case like this. The most honorable ? Judge Lane thinks that violating the law is ok as long as you take a vote on it with your buddies. When I rob a bank, I think it will be ok as long as I take a vote on it first.

  116. Jose said:

    whitte collar crime

  117. Cathleen Rusk Del Rio said:

    He does not deserve any bonus. He was the problem. Do not reward greed.

  118. thormjh said:

    Take Lane off the bench now, his job is to follow the laws and rules given… If he fails to do it he is breaking the law. The IRS needs to take a look at Lane’s accounts if he’s doing this now maybe he has done it before

    • Anonymous said:

      judge lame is on the take, plus maybe he’ll get A9 passes for life !!!!
      both tom hooo and lame should be hung by the B%#@S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. paul said:

    What bothers me the most is Hortons’ ability to utilize corporate lawyers to defend his severance. He hasn’t paid a penny toward the legal defense and it seems that a man who is already worth millions should be required to hire and pay his own attorneys, out of his own pocket if he wants to collect his “ill-gotten” personal gain”.

  120. During a time when employee givebacks are financing an extremely expensive bankruptcy process, a $20 million package for Tom Horton is that much more offensive. When workers are being asked to do what’s best for the long term survival of the airline, Tom Horton should lead by example. Leadership, if it were present, may have put American in a much higher position to begin with.

    • Anonymous said:

      Well Said!! Ditto!

  121. J. K. Hennessey said:

    If he drove the company to bankruptcy why does Horton deserve any severance at all? I fully support U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis in her efforts to ensure that the law is fulfilled. As for U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane, he is an embarrassment. I don’t know how a judge can removed from the bench, but it there is a way perhaps it should be pursued.

  122. Steve Fleischer said:

    Thanks for speaking up.

  123. blaine said:

    He deserves nothing and the unions should be ashamed of this

    • Anonymous said:

      Absolutely…..I condemn the Apfa, Twu, and Apa as much as Amr…..Shame on the labor Unions for agreeing to this and forcing the employees with gag orders……..truly appalling! Linda Luebs

  124. msl said:

    oh yes, I started by wanting to thank tracy for trying to stand up to this corrupt good ole boys club. I am in agreement with rock as well.

  125. msl said:

    as I struggle to make ends meet and not have to rely on a credit card when the car breaks or other life issues happen, I am beyond comprehension at the greed of this man and the sleeping with the company unions that support his $20 million. what for? thanks for taking more of my pay and increasing my health insurance cost 2.5 times, so you can take 20 million.

  126. Jim Stephens said:

    The 20 million dollar severance is the result of the unholy alliance that corporate boards, CEO’s, and bankruptcy courts have with each other. This blatantly illegal severance will proceed because the parties involved all belong to the same exclusive, morally bankrupt club. These uncommon criminals wake up on thousand thread count sheets, wear two thousand dollar suits and travel strictly first class yet they are more criminal than a thug that breaks into a house to steal a TV set. White collar thugs use corporate culture and courts to steal pensions, health care, and wages. We used to hang a man for stealing a horse?

    Jim Stephens

  127. PH said:

    It sure would be nice if the law was followed. Of course, it most likely won’t be as we’ve seen from the countless examples of corruption in the business and banking realms lately. What a disgrace and a travesty.

  128. Ginny Irvine said:

    This is WRONG !!!!. How far would that $20 million g to pay for the health insurance for those already retired who were promised Health benefits…. nah, steal from the poor to pad the pockets of the wealthy

    • BT said:

      I agree Ginny. I am one on them that retired before BK and promised health benefits and now we are fighting to keep them!

  129. Julie said:

    Our government is worthless

  130. Jeff White said:

    Sickening! Horton and his incompetent cronies at AA drove the airline into the ground. I was there and watched it first hand. The last legitimate pay raise I received at AA was in 1997. Since that time there has been nothing but pay and benefit cuts. In 2003 the AA unions gave up 1.8 billion dollars in pay and benefits. This does not include all of the non union employees who took similar cuts. From 2003 until the 2011 bankruptcy filing AA management did absolutely nothing different to make AA profitable, just continued incompetence. At least Gerald Arpey, who was forced out as CEO of AA by Horton and his cronies had the morals not to take a golden parachute because he believed it was wrong and sent a bad message to AA employees. I gave AA over 30 years of my life and watched it go from the best place to work in America to shambles, thanks to the corporate greed and incompetence of the likes of Horton.

  131. Anonymous said:

    If we had a truly representative government this type of thing would not be allowed to continue. We made a law to prevent the abuses of the past and then those responsible simply choose to ignore the law. I am embarrassed for this country.

  132. Kelly Schauls said:

    The idea that Tom Horton would walk away with a $20 million severance package and bypass the 2005 Bankruptcy Protection Act is shameful at best. The resentment and hostility of employees will be his legacy. Not a great way to begin a merger.

  133. Anonymous said:

    He had years to make this a successful company and still put AA into bankruptcy. Horton DOES NOT deserve a severance package!

  134. Jose said:

    So this is the “shared sacrifices ” we were all suppose to make for the good of the company ? Working an extra shift when possible so I can make what I was making before the bankruptcy ! Now to pay Tom Horton 20 million !!!!! Are you kidding me ????? Where is the justice in this world, when will CEO’s and other corporate leaders stop stealing money and leaving their employees strapped and overworked. I like my job, but I want free time to enjoy my life too, I’m wondering if I can afford that luxury? Mr. Horton, shame on you for even considering taking this package !

  135. Melinda Carey said:

    Its justice at a loss. How someone could even think that they are entitled to a $
    20 million severance when the company is in bankruptcy. If the company has enough money to pay 100% of its creditors and have money left over- What is it doing in Bankruptcy. Protecting the board?

  136. Gary Santos said:

    Leaders lead by example — stuffing your pockets with $20 million while 80,000 AA employees are suffering and countless others left unemployed is NOT leadership!!!

  137. rbf10 said:

    Horton deserves no severance. he already has a bloated pension.

  138. Joel (Jody) Dietz said:

    This is a travesty in epic proportions and needs to be stopped dead in it’s tracks. Although this particular case is just about American Airlines, it is running recklessly rampant throughout the US business culture.
    When will this all stop… before it is too late?

  139. Nancy M said:

    This is an injustice. The DOJ should do all in their power to remedy the situation. Tom Horton has to be stopped from getting $20mil. Not deserved, not earned, not justified, not necessary. We all know right from wrong.. Even Horton knows this is wrong.

  140. Robin R. said:

    He had over 7 years to make this a successful company and still put AA into bankruptcy. How does that deserve any severance package!

  141. Angel said:

    This is the mentality Exec’s live in. They can destroy morale and financially rape employees then leave with the millions they heisted.

  142. Teresa M. said:

    The company should follow the law. The labor unions were strong armed into agreeing not to fight his bonus. The company board of directors should be ashamed to vote to pay a bonus it knows is unwarranted and illegal. No one should be above the law. Trustee Davis, you are to be commended for your stance against this outrageous payment.

  143. Is there more we can do to make sure the Horton (and others) do NOT get more than they deserve? Thank you for your work against injustice.

  144. Lynda said:

    Why should bad management be rewarded????

  145. Edwin Cedeno said:

    If we as hard workers, did not get our contract reviewed with the proper moral and ethics in the eyes of every hard working American; after working long hours and getting almost nothing with the restructuring agreement. How does this gentleman that sits at a board pushing deals and cutting labor contracts to his workers deserves to be rewarded for doing the unethical? I will love to shake his hand and with a hypocritical smile say “Thank you for your hard work”. He gets paid 100 thousands of dollars for doing his job as it is, what makes him so special to get rewarded?. We’ve worked through tenuous conditions; long hours, holidays, skipping our family important events and put our health and lives at risk everyday and our biggest bonus has never been more than $2,000 and got a bigger pay cut insted of an increase. NO, he got paid what he should for doing his and that is that. NO NO NO!!!!

  146. JS said:

    Tom Horton’s request for $20,000,000.00 personifies corporate greed at its worst. Thank you, Tracy Hope Davis, for doing your part to curb the greed. Why does ToHo think he is above the law???

  147. Miki Kawasaki said:

    Part of the team that brought AA into the tank and he deserves 20 million?
    Executive compensation should be commensurate with performance. It’s become more of an entitlement subsidized by the wage & benefit reductions of the common worker.

  148. John said:

    No way !!!! For what he did nothing

  149. John said:

    No way f

  150. concerned_citizen said:

    20 million for what? He provided no leadership; he opposed the merger. Then acted like it was his idea when he saw he couldn’t stop it. What has he done? What good decisions has he made, that anyone else could have made?

  151. cydnna lyons said:

    I think that he should have to take the same pay cut to his normal salary as her imposed on the other employees for the time period while he is still employed and take an amount equal for his pay status (percentage-wise) for early out as the flight attendants $ 40,000 veop. We also have had to deal with alot during this period of bankruptcy

  152. terri c said:

    Rewarded for what…running us into the ground? He should be made to take a walk of shame from him employees

  153. Anon said:

    Thank you Ms Davis. Corporate Greed needs to be stopped in this country. This is a perfect example.. CEO takes money from employees then CEO turns around and takes bonus or executive compensation. Our laws need to be strengthened even further to prevent any CEO from any company gaining a penny in a bankruptcy.

  154. Anonymous said:

    Thank you trustee Davis. You’re fighting the good fight! Keep up the good work!

  155. Anonymous said:

    He deserves the same as he gave the employees to leave no more and no less. Lets see how far he can stretch that in his retirement! Oh, and no medical benefits in retirement just like the rest of us!!!!!

  156. Meilan said:

    I don’t understand why this instance would be held apart from the law. Wasn’t the law formed so this exact thing doesn’t happen?

  157. Sheryl hankins said:

    He deserves no more than what the bankruptcy law states. Even that would be excessive in my estimation

  158. AM Plevritis said:

    I do not support this obscene request to pay ToHo twenty million dollars (more than the law allows) for stripping labor of our work rules and cutting our pay. It’s so degrading to the employees of AA to be forced to make more concessions while patting the CEO on the back at the end of the day for a “job well done” I’m sure he will be laughing all the way to the bank while I spend more time away from my family trying to make up the difference in pay.

  159. Ben Dover said:

    When Toho declared bankruptcy the 9/11 terrorists won.

  160. Constantino Atsidis said:

    WOW, finally we have a good honest human being that sees the injustice committed to the American Airline employees. Her standing fast on the bankruptcy law is truly welcomed. After all, it is the actions of this airline’s leaders who have reduced the workforces pay, increased work rules, increased the price of medical benefits and is trying to eliminate retiree’s benefits.

  161. karla said:

    not a penny it was all orchestrated long before he got in!

  162. karla said:

    he doesn’t deserve a penny!

  163. linda said:

    Fight the fight! He doesn’t deserve a dime!

  164. Christian Robinson said:

    Do what’s right! Taking your company j to bankruptcy and taking money from the émigrés to get you a bonus is not the right thing. Thank you Ms.Hope for bringing common sense into what seems to be a unresolved situation.

  165. Cwpwife said:

    Horton deserves nothing. Not even travel on AA.

  166. Cindie said:

    Thank you, Tracy Hope Davis! It is unethical and immoral to strip employees of their retiree medical care and freeze their pensions, then ask for a $20 million going away present? The corporate raid of America needs to stop.

  167. Barbara Galbraith said:

    If you lead a company into bankruptcy why would one think they deserve a bonus when that company leaves bankruptcy. He deserves nothing more than I received!

    • Terry Merworth said:

      He actually deserves what we DID receive: pay cuts, more hours, triple insurance contributions with less coverage and more out of pocket, NO overtime…. The list goes on!

  168. unknown said:

    This bankruptcy was planned and used as a legal means to rob labor of its work rules, pay and benefits. And wanting to seal the steal with $20 mill is yet another slap in face of those who have sacrificed the most here at AA, namely labor. NO he is the last person to deserve a bonus. If anyone deserves a bonus, its LABOR, especially the Flight Attendants!!!

  169. Kelly Herbst said:

    Horton must go!!! No $20 million for him!!!

  170. Anonymous said:

    He should be brought up on murder charges for the suicides he has caused!

  171. Anonymous said:

    He deserves prison!!!

  172. Anonymous said:

    He deserves prison!

  173. rose said:

    he bankrupted more than an airline…..he laid off hundreds of people who now dont have a job, medical insurance or income for them and their families; he is probably responsible for many foreclosures and even suicides, he increased the state social services spending and decrease tax income to the state….. so he just gets rewarded giving himself THEIR income? please dont tell me he get to pay no taxes either!

  174. Catherine DeHorse said:

    I support Trustee Davis in this endeavor. Tom Horton should not reap ill gotten gain from the blood sweat and tears of AA employees. It is sinful!

  175. Anonymous said:

    The employees took AA thru the bankruptcy! Not Tom Horton. It was not the employees who put AA in bankruptcy either!! $20 mil should be given to the employees who gave and gave; continue to give and give to keep their jobs and AA going! I have never seen or heard of Tom on the front line; serving a drink, printing a ticket, cleaning a cabin, sleeping/bathing in operations, loading a bag, dealing with an irate psgr, etc. Tom Horton deserves zip! The employees of AA deserve it. We want our money back! To allow Tom Horton to leave with that kind of payment would be the final thrust into all the bending over we have been doing. As sore as we are; allow the employees to start to stand again by not allowing this payout to happen! Let CEO’s know; if the employees have to bare the brunt, so do they!!

    • Anonymous said:

      I’m not anonymous, my name is Linda Brown

  176. melissa said:

    The whole farce of taking is into bk to get concessions, and then turning around and giving him a bonus just reeks of corporate ineptitude and greed. Why reward him for taking out pay,workrules, benefits and pride? Because we are just “bricks” to them. Look to herb from southwest on how to run a company and treat employees. And the fact the union SUPPORTS this decision is a little baffling.

    • april said:

      The company cried poor for the 30 years I worked there. I never signed the “stuck on call log”. I rarely called in sick. What a fool I was.

  177. Terry Merworth said:

    Horton the Hatchet needs no attaboy bonus for running the airline into bankruptcy and destroying people’s lives and jobs. Corporate greed has got to stop!

  178. Anonymous said:

    He doesn’t deserve the 20 Million. He was hired to take the company into BK, and that’s what he did. Since when are people entitled to massive bonuses to do what they were hired to do?

  179. Anonymous said:

    I agree with Rock & Juliette. And I I’ll take it further, he doesn’t even deserve $6 million. His poor decisions, frivolous spending, the outrageous costs of this bankruptcy which is being financed on the backs of labor. Not to mention the $30 million in safety fines to the FAA. And I didn’t even mention the “new” livery. Its unconscionable. Please Trustee Davis, help us to get justice in this matter. Thank you.

  180. Anonymous said:

    He deserves to take the door, out . That’s all he deserves.

  181. Trustee Hope Davis we are depending on you for JUSTICE for Flight Attendants and to stop GREED.and fleecing of CEO’s and Tom Horton, while Flight Attendants who have given concessions already are being disregarded.

  182. Anne G said:

    Horton deserves nothing but the door slamming on his backside. He, and others, should not be rewarded for running a company into the ground.

  183. Lynn Chonko said:

    Finally, in this era of corporation immorality, we have someone willing to publicly stand and shout, “Enough!” Thank you, Trustee Davis, and Judge Lane, please continue to hear our cries. AMR employees have given volumes. Horton deserves very little.

  184. Chet Young said:

    He is entitled to NOTHING for his efforts! Thank you Tracy Hope Davis for going to bat for us, when our UNIONS would not.

  185. Brandi said:

    Thank you trustee Davis. CEO Horton does not deserve 20 million.

  186. Susan simon said:

    Thank you trustee Davis. CEO Horton does not deserve $20 million for destroying a company.

  187. Anonymous said:

    Thank you trustee Davis. CEO Horton does not deserve 20 million for bankruptcy.

  188. Juliette Onody said:

    To ask the work groups to give concessions and to reward him $20 million at the same time is unconscionable! I object to this outrageous payout.

  189. Tara said:

    Trustee Davis, please do not let Tom Horton leave with $20 million dollars in severance from American. It is a grossly inflated and completely undeserved salary.

  190. RMB said:

    Corporations should be held to the letter of the law. Especially large unethical ones such as AMR. The United States Federal Bankruptcy Code says he is entitled to $400,000 (give or take). I say that is still too much but let him have it and go. Do not bend the laws for corporate thieves!

  191. Mary Ellen Matter said:

    I support the bankruptcy law and firmly believe that Tom Horton only deserves what is allowed by the ruling. To take more from the hard working employees of AA, is nothing short moral corruption!

  192. Ruth said:

    Corporate elitists like this are the cause for the diminishing middle class. It has to stop! I support US Trustee, Tracy Hope Davis, and support her objection to this outrageous so called “severance” payout.

  193. kevin starling said:

    We at AA support you Tracy…The TWU at least does

    • Mary Ellen Matter said:

      Does TWU support anything honest? Just wondering?

    • Anonymous said:

      Sorry Kevin, my experience has shown that TWU might not be the entity that I personally would count on to support a moral cause.

  194. darryl kure said:

    No wAAy !

  195. Juan said:

    Deserves nothing but a lay off.

  196. If he’s entitled to $6 million for running a successful airline, why does he feel he’s entitled to $20 million for running the airline into bankruptcy? Is American an airline or a charity?

    • Juliette Onody said:

      I wholeheartedly agree with you Rock.

      • Brenda Graham said:

        I’m in total agreement with Rock as well

    • Luis Chang said:

      He deserves to be shown the door. Nothing else.

    • Anonymous said:


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